What IS Off-page Seo techniques, Learn Advanced Seo techniques.
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Learn Advanced Off-Page SEO Techniques

What is SEO..?

Let’s Start with very Basic Question that what is SEO..?

–> In Simple Terms, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a Technique to rank your Article/blogspost/website on the First Page of the Search result, Either it’s Google, Bing, Yandex, Safari or Any Other.

In this Technique we use to follow Some Steps to Optimization our Website.  According to Google Search Engine Algorithm, So – that we can Rank our website in the Search Result & Help the Search Result to Provide the Better Result to the Audience.

What IS Off-page Seo techniques, Learn Advanced Seo techniques.
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What is On-Page SEO..?

Again In Simple Terms., On-Page SEO is a Technique where we Optimize our Website According to Search Engine Algorithm and make it User-Friendly.

But On-Page SEO Doesn’t Mean Only This Thing. It was Just a definition About On-Page SEO. If You Wants To Read More About On-Page SEO you can Read by Clicking here.

Now Finally, Let’s Come Back to our main Topic That is Off-Page SEO. & What Are the Advanced SEO Techniques that Every Blogger Should Definitely Do..//

OFF Page SEO Techniques:

What Comes under Off-Page SEO..?

  • Social media engagement.
  • Social Media Bookmarking.
  • Guest Post Submission.
  • Image Submission.
  • Document Sharing.
  • Article Submission.
  • Question/Answer Website.
  • Forum Discussion.
  • Web 2.0 Submission.
Social media engagement;

Let’s Talk About Social Media Engagement, If you’re in the Blogging Industry then You Have To Become Super Active on Social Media. Your Average Response Time on your Social Media Should Be less than an Hour If you’re a New Blogger.

You all guys have well known that we have to post on a regular basis to show our presence on Social Media. But Tell me Are you. Taking it Seriously.

Be Formal With Each and Everyone on Social Media. This is very Compulsory Because in the Future If you Want to sell Your any Service to Them then it will be very Easy for you to do. Obviously it will Take you’re a Lot of time But this is compulsory to build trust.

As you Know that, Now this is the time of Videos and Audios and Not only text. So try to join Youtube, IG TV, Facebook, and all other video content Platforms to make a super-strong Bond with Your Audience. (It’s super Compulsory Man in this Era… Don’t procrastinate.).

If you want to become a Best Blogger. then your Social media profile should be best.it will surely help you in generating a lot of traffic and money on your website.

The Main Secret to get traffic And selling of a product is to make your engagement and before sleeping creates your Own image related to your Niche or related to the upcoming Festival/incident & Also don’t forget to add your logo in the footer of the image. to do your personal Branding. (more Learn Advanced Off-Page SEO Techniques)

Social Media Bookmarking;

If you are writing Any article/blog to your website. Then, First of All, go to Google.com and Search for the Social Media Bookmarking websites Related to your Niche.

  • Ready with your post URL.
  • Title of that particular Post.
  • Description/Meta Description of your Post Which you want to submit.
  • And Tags.
  1. Then Go to the Social Media Bookmarking Website related to your Niche/Article.
  2. And Book-Mark your Article Over There.
Lists Of Some High DA-PA Bookmarking Websites Who Accepts all types of  Niche Content.

1. https://www.diigo.com/

2. https://www.scoop.it/

3. https://www.tumblr.com/

4. https://in.pinterest.com/

5. https://www.plurk.com/

6. https://www.bibsonomy.org/





11. https://weheartit.com/

These are the Some Social Media Bookmarking Websites, Where you can bookmark your website.

Make a Table in your Excel/Google Sheets and List down all the SEO things like fixing Your target that How much of the work you have to do on a regular basis so that you can rank your Website in Google Search results.

—> Checkout your Competition and that how much of minimum Backlinks you need to build or How you have to write the Article.

What Is Guest Posting {learn step–step}.
Role of Guest Posting In SEO.

You all Guys knows that How much this is difficult to create a Backlink  From High DA PA website. But Remember you are not a Single man who is facing this Problem. Every new Blogger has to face this because this is a Skill. And for learning a Skill (from where you can generate a Passive income), I think yo should make your mind for doing some Extra Ordinary thing Like Blogging.

Because you Know this is 2020 and If you compare Blogging with 2009 then it’s very Difficult. But, you well know this Fact that in the upcoming Time this All thing will be consistently increased.

But let us assume you are in the Future and you are currently in 2030 then imagine what will be the level of competition in the Field of Blogging. You have well known that if it is 10/100 then at that time it will become 110/100. So, Don’t procrastinate and let’s Get Back to Our Topic.

What are the Benefits of Guest Posting?

Well.! you all know that how much Backlinks Are compulsory to Rank any Post/article of your Website. And for creating the genuine backlinks from the High DA PA websites is Very Difficult And there’s the only way to create a backlink is to influence The other Websites owners to create a Backlink regarding your Niche.

What are the Different ways in the Guest posting to Create Backlinks?
  1. PDF Submission.
  2. Article Submission.
  3. PPT Submission.
  4. Video Submission.
Article Submission.

This is one of the very favorite processes to create the backlinks from High DA PA websites. Because in the Case of pdf Submission sometimes you get the do-follow backlinks but most of the time if you see you get a No-follow Backlink.

But in the Case of the Article Submission, you have to contact the Different website owners and Ask them to give you a backlink form their site and you will write a post foe them.

This is Quite an Easy Process if You compare it with the Video Submission, PDF Submission or PPT Submission. Because Creating a PDF or PPT or a Video takes a Very Big time and Also there is not 100% Surety that you will get a DO-follow Backlink or a No-follow Backlink.

  • Go to the websites related to your niche.
  • In the footer or the top of the website, you will find the contact form or the contact E-mail of the Owner of that website.
  • Send an Email and Ask Him to give a Backlink to you.
  • And you have to post your article on his Website. 
PDF Submission.

If you go to Google and make a Search of PDF Submission Websites Then You will Get the list of tons of PDF Submission Websites but you have to find out the websites related to your Niche. Like if I have to Search then what I will DO.

  • Open Google/any Search engine you use.
  • “PDF Submission Websites for technical SEO”
  • you will Get tons of results.

But For the Submission what you Need. You need a good looking Pdf with attractive colors So that your viewer’s Engagement gets high and For Getting a Backlink Also for getting the relevant traffic.

PPT Submission.

In this Case, also you have to apply a Similar process.

And you have to create a well, Good looking PPT and have top submit to the website related to your Niche.

Video Submission.

You know video submission is one of the most awesome ways to engage the audience towards you. And creating a Video on platforms like Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. will help you a lot in your Self – Promotion and your website promotion.

It will take time to create a video because first of all make a Video then Edit will take a Long time. Byt yeah If you Start it you will acquire the many Skills Like a Pro Editor, In the future, you can also be an Influencer.

Image Sharing In SEO
Image Sharing Websites Like:

1. https://www.tumblr.com/

2. https://www.deviantart.com/

3. https://imgur.com/

4. https://in.pinterest.com/

5. http://imageshack.us/

6. https://www.mediafire.com/

7. https://www.flickr.com/

8. https://Diigo.com/

9. https://Photobucket.com/

10. https://weheartit.co/

If you checkout the Images and the Infographics they are the Most Common Ways to Engage your Audience Towards You. Most of the People’s Search for the Images on the Search engine. And I don’t think that I have to tell you About the Power of Images. If you Checkout the Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Linkedin.

Question/Answer Website

Use the websites like Quora and Yahoo to give Answer of the questions Related to the niche and don’t give the very long—-long—-long answer tries to make it a little short and so that the user can directly read and give your perfect answer.

Before answering see how many of the people are following those Questions so that you can get the perfect Audience and upvotes. do give more than two links in a very short answer.

You will Get a no-follow backlink from there which will help you to get the traffic to remember you need at lest to give 30 min for your marketing and give regular proper 30 minutes to that website.

Search for the question-answer website related to your niche. You will find a lot of the question-answer website. But I will recommend you only two websites t you that is Quora and Yahoo… Because you also need to manage your time and it will be much better if you will do it in the proper manner. At least you have to give 30-40 minutes in answering the questions.

Let’s Do a Calculation,

In 30 Minutes You will Find Atleast 10 Question with More than the 50 Followings You Answer Only 10 Questions in 30 Minutes (provide the Best Content.).  It means From Quora The notification will go to 500 people and Suppose that out of 500 —> 350 people opens it.

Let’s Assume 200 People will read Your Answer Till End and out of 200 People let’s Suppose the Conversion of 20 Peoples to your Websites will give you a Lot. Because At the Starting if you See I think Even 20 People From 1 source is Sufficient. And remember you Don’t have only one Source. You Have Social Media, Guest Post Backlinks, and many other sources of Getting Traffic.

It Means that you Can Easily Crack the Traffic aim of the first 200 people to your Website. And that’s the Very Sufficient to Get the Approval Of Adsense. And also if Your niche is Related to the Affiliate and you are getting Suppose Atleast 1$ from 1 sell and Out of 200 Targeted Audience Let’s Suppose only 3% of Conversion Rate Then Also you can make a Good amount of Money in the Starting Phase of your Blogging Career. About 6$/day(In the Very beginning.)

What is forum Discussion in Off-Page SEO

Submitting your post to a Forum discussion Website is Compulsory to get the starting traffic means at the Starting of your website the 50-100 people’s comes to your website will be from Forum Discussion Website.


It will help your website to index in the other search Results like Bing Yandex on its own.

Don’t join more than 2 forum.

Try to be active for at least 15minutes in each forum.

Start your own thread over there any try to give the unique, easily understandable answer to your audience so that the Engagement time increases.

Don’t only focus that you are getting a Backlink and audience you always need a  helping Attitude. Create your Own thread such that you do create a Facebook group. And give Reply to the question/ask question-related to your Niche.

If you are creating a Facebook group that’s also the awesome way to interact with your Audience. Create your Facebook page, Instagram Post, Images & infographics Before sleeping at Night and Schedule it at each and every Social Media Platform.

What is WEB 2.0…?

Web 2.0 is the upgraded version of web 1.0 means there two ways of communication on the website. Like forum websites q/a website.

Remember my friend this is fully different form directory submission.

I will never Recommend you to do Directory Submission…Because it doesn’t work at all in 2020 and sometimes in the directory submission if you see they take more than 6 months to give you the backlink…In Free Version And if you see I will also never recommend you to take their Premium Plans. And don’t waste your Time Over there.

Instead of that, you can Utilize your Time in getting the WEB 2.0 links.

Go to the Different Platforms like Blogger.com, Wix.com, reddit.com, and create your free website over there. Create At least 5 different websites from these different Platforms and write at Least the 500 words of Article and post there. It also gives a Do-follow Backlink from there. Don’t Embed more than two links of the Similar websites otherwise Google will Understand it as a Spam.

And Remember You have to do all these things by Creating a New Gmail Id.

No need to read just for SEO : )

Learn Advanced Off-Page SEO Techniques.

Learn Advanced Off-Page SEO Techniques

Learn Advanced Off-Page SEO Techniques

Learn Advanced Off-Page SEO Techniques

Learn Advanced Off-Page SEO Techniques

Thanks For Reading :#)

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