Evergreen SEO Ranking tips for 2020.

Okay, hey are you a new Blogger and want to know about the best evergreen SEO Ranking tips for 2020. Then, Great you’re landed on a best and Beautiful Page like you. SEO is not an easy task that we all better known.

Without Proper planning and without proper Strategy you can’t rank on the First page of google.

—–> let me clear you that this is only for the new bloggers. but here I have something for you also. In this Blog We are Going to Discuss the Best Evergreen SEO tips for 2020. hello, everybody.

So, Lets Get started with our Topic: (Ever green SEO Ranking tips in 2020.)

If you don’t have the basic knowledge of seo then please do check this awesome blog on basics of seo.

1. The domain name should be added to your niche.

Okay, I know what are you thinking after reading this one. I know this is the Basic one. But Because this is the Direct Ranking Factor and I am Taking about here the Best Ranking tip here that’s why I kept this in my Tip.

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2. keyword should be in your url.

This one is also a direct Ranking factor and I am Talking About the tactics or Evergreen Tips that will nor even in 2020. This will definitely work all the time.

3. Invest plenty of your time to find keywords.

My friend If you’re a new Blogger then I am 100% sure that more than 70% of you Guys Just find a Keyword in 1–2 Hour (a very maximum). But this is the Biggest Mistake you’re doing my Friend.

So, what to do…

In my first method, I was telling you about to choose the Domain name which is related to your niche.

How to Choose the Domain Name..?

Don’t be so quick in a matter of Purchasing Domain name and Hosting. Because these are the Very Big Mistakes that most of the bloggers do. In fact, In the Starting phase of my Blogging Journey, I was Also Doing the same Mistake.

why this is called Keyword Research…?

Because you need to do a Proper Research. You Know about the Scientific Research. This takes sometimes more than 100 Years. And You are Spending Maximum 1-2 Hours for doing Keyword Research.

I know Both are different But try to understand the Meaning of Research..

So, You need t Invest at least 1 week for a Keyword Research. Because if you will not have the Proper Knowledge Related to the Keyword then After some time you just Here and There for Finding Ideas.

4. Site Speed is very Important

Use best plugins, don’t use More than 10–12 Plugins Because this will Directly affect your Website speed.

Use the theme: I am not telling you to use Premium themes But research for a good time to see your Competitors Themes and try to use better Them then them with proper distribution of colors and Fonts.

Delete unusual javascript & CSS file: Unusual java scri[pt and CSS increase the loading tie of your website. So, that’s why remove them. If you no knowledge of coding then you have to use the fast loading themes.

5. Fresh and Updated content.

Upload Fresh and updated content like make the title Looking Updated. Like if you Checkout the title of this post “Ever Green SEO Ranking tips in 2020″ If you check this title you will find ‘2020”. Most of you guys came here you’re just reading this blog because of 2020 only.

This will at least Increase the CTR of your website. That’s also a very good ranking Factor.

6. Keep track your SEO work

Tracking of your SEO work is very Compulsory. Actually, SEO is Not hard work and Not a Smart work. SEO is smart and Hard (Both) work. So, Make your Strategy. And track that on a gular Basis.

This is Very Compulsory and a Great Ranking Factor Because his Fully depends on you.

7. Must use some paid SEO tools.

For Proper research and to See the Proper Growth you need at least a single tool to use Like ahref tool, semrush. Their prices are very high I Know. But you can Buy for 2–3 $ a month from the Group SEO Sellers.

This will help you to better analyze your Competitor and to track your SEO work.

8. Micro niche works better than the normal niche.

You know Micro Niche is much Better than the Normal Niche: Because it is very easy to rank your website. Neither you need to write many Posts. And this will Easily help you to rank.

9. Active on Social Media

As an SEO Expert, you should be on social media to help others. not to promote business Create your followers. Create more followers as you can on social media at the Initial days of your Blogging.

To get the Proper Knowledge related to your Niche and about your Competitors, you must act on your Social Media, Not only Facebook and Instagram. More and more Active on websites like Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr.

10. Build Relationship.

Talk to other Bloggers Related to your Niche, Join more and more community and make your own also. And build a relationship. This will also help you to get more and more strategy, Support, and Especially Backlinks.

11. Track your Competitor

This is very Essential my Friend tracks your Competitor Because the person at the top of you is also planning something better than you. So track your competitor that how much of Backlinks he is making per day. Subscribe to his website to know what are the steps he is taking and how can you do much better than him.

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