7 Ways to Make Money Online

What are the 7 Ways to Make Money Online

what are the 7 ways to amke money online Technoshamp
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How to make Money Online: If you Search this line On Youtube or on Google, then You will find Tons of Articles and Videos. Some of them are Fake And Some are Relevant But Maybe you relate them to yourself.

If you think that you can Make Money Online in a Week or in a Month. Then Let me tell you this can’t be Possible Nowaday’s Because of a Heavy Competition. If you Want to Make Money Online then you really need to work hard. And If you’re in this Hope that Making Money Online is quite Seems to be very Easy. Then sorry my Friend you’re on the Wrong Path.

So, let’s Start Our Topic that What are the 7 Ways So that you can Make Money Online.

  1. Digital Marketing.
  2. Blogging.
  3. Creating Videos On Youtube. (As a Youtuber)
  4. Application Development.
  5. Affiliate Marketing.
  6. Drop-Shipping.
  7. Freelancing.

These are the Few ways from which you can Make Money Online. And Trust Me If you Work Hard, Then You Can Make more than $5,000 in 2–3 Years Very Easily. This Figure is for the Indian People Because If you See CPC(Cost Per Click) then it’s Very Low. Because You Know, It’s a Developing Country & the Figures Changes Country By Country.

Digital Marketing: Make Money Online

Digital Marketing make money online
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What is Digital Marketing..?

In Simple Terms, This is the Way to Grow Business From Offline to the Online Market. As you know the whole world is directly Shifting on the Internet.

So, Digital Marketing is the Only Platform through which you Can shift your Offline Business To Online. And In the Year 2020 and in the Upcoming Years the Digital Marketing is on BOOM..! So, By Learning Digital Marketing, Also you can Add a Great skill to Your CV/Resume. And Not Only this you can Be a Digital Influencer, Public Speaker, or a Self Employed.

So Let’s Discuss More about Digital marketing that in actual How you can Make Money Online on this Platform.

parts of digital marketing
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Parts Of Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is a Subject and Like Other Subjects, you find their Sub Parts. For Example; In science, there’s 3 Part that is Physics Chemistry and Biology. And Even though there’s a Lot of Parts in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Similarly, Digital Marketing is Also divided into Different Parts. Such that: SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) PPC(pay per click), Email Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing. I know Maybe This Quit goes very Technical for you. But You Are not the only One Everyone Starts with the Zero-knowledge.

Lets quick Discuss About the Sub Parts of Digital Marketing:

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): This is one of the Biggest branches of Digital Marketing. Is SEO we have to optimize our Website according to the Google Search Algorithms(If you Starts Learning about Digital marketing then you will know what is the algorithm of the digital marketing.) So, that we can rank our website on the first page of Google.

PPC (pay per click): This is the other in which by paying money to Google. Let’s Understand this With an Example.

google ads example ppc pay per click
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Okay So see at the corner in the left-hand side of this Image You will find there’s Written Ad. So By paying to google also You can Rank at the First position.

So, How Much Actually we have to Pay.

Okay For answering this question a lot of Factors Depend, But the Main thing is Bidding. Like bidding in cricket Match or in boxing. similarly in this also there’s a System of Bidding.

Email Marketing: This is an Advanced technique of Digital Marketing through which we influence our Customer and by selling our services or Affiliate Products we generate some Money. This is also very helpful in getting direct traffic to your website.

Facebook Marketing: Well..! you all Guys Knows about the Facebook Sponsered Ads. And this is Also a very Advanced Technique to Bring Traffic to Your Website. You need to Create the Different Funnels and Really you Should have the Proper Knowledge about your Market and Audience. Suppose that If you Have to sell some Gym products. So you the Proper Knowledge that what will Be the Age of your Audience. what will be the Average Percentage of your Audience Who have Joined the GYM?

Social Media Marketing: In this category, there’s a lot of subcategories. Like: Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, and Tons of websites. So the Marketing Strategy in Most of the Cases is Similar.

Now let’s Move to Our Next Online Method of Earning Money.


You are reading this article on Technoshamp.com . So Currently I am Not Running any Ad to my this Website. But when I will starts Generating Some Money.

If you want to Become a Blogger then trust me this is the right time. If you will start blogging then you need to Learn full Digital Marketing At Advanced Level. And that will sound Quit Cool..!

This the Only Skill from which you can Be a Millionaire in the Upcoming time. Because you need to learn Each and Everything Related To digital Marketing, Infographics, Affiliate Marketing, Videography, and this the one of the way fro which You can be an Upcoming and Maybe the First Millionaire In your Family.

India Producing a Lot of Millionaires in the market through Blogging. So, I will Recommend you, If you want to make money Online Start Your Blog Today.

Let’s Move to our Next Technique of Making Money Online.

Videography (As a Youtuber):

You can Start your Career as a Youtuber. This is the only way through which you can Build your strong Community via Youtube. Youtube is the Biggest Video Platform Where you Can Share your Knowledge and trust with your niche related Audience. If you can Increase Your Fan Following on Youtube then You can Easily make a Lot of Money. And Nowadays Even Every Blogger is Shifting Towards Youtube.

Creating a video will take a lot of time in creating Video and Editing. Editing takes a lot of time some time 5—6 Hours. It also depends on the Machine you’re Using.

Starting Youtube Channel in Nowadays Is quit Very Easy Because You Didn’t need any Studio (you can Simply create it from home). Even You can record it from Your Mobile Phone and For Starting this is the Best Platform. Nowadays, Everyone is having a Smartphone. And you can start a Youtube Channel in zero Investment of Money. But You Need to Invest your time.

If You Want To Learn About Digital Marketing then You can Subscribe to my Youtube Channel also Because I am Also going to Start a Series on Digital Marketing From Beginning to Advanced—> Subscribe Now.

Application Development.

If you’re interested in Coding or you just love coding and want to Become a Coder. This is one of the best skills you can acquire. This is Also one the Biggest Opportunity to make Money in 2020 and in upcoming years. A Tons of applications was Launched on Playstore on 1st January 2020. And that’s a real Huge Number. And App development skill is one of the best skill in the website development sector.

To Become an application Developer You need to Learns some of the Programming Languages Like C, C++, Python & java. Learning all these 3 Languages can Take more than 3 years or even more than it. That is for about 5 years. It’s Fully Depends on you That How much of time You’re Spending to learn these things.

But if you Learned this, In the upcoming Future it’s Going to be a Game changer skill.

Now let’s move to our next way to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is one Of the most favorite technique for Earnings for Every Blogger and Youtuber. You Can Make More than 10% to 100% more than the Google Adsense Earnings.

You Can Easily Join the Amazon Affiliates, Flipkart Affiliates or Any Hosting Company affiliate Member, They are Paying literally a very high amount of Money.

This is a very common method of earning and If you have a great Fan following base then you can make about $100k a month. that’s Easy But Not very Easy First of all you need to Build a great Community.

Making Money through this Method is Easy but Not Very much. For Creating an Affiliate Account You need to go to the Different Online Sites Like amazon and Flipkart. And You Need to Create an Affiliate account.

After that, You can Easily Generate the affiliate Links. And then You Can share it on your website or even you can share it on Youtube Video Description. And If Anyone From Your Link Purchase Anything From your website then you will Get the Commission From Amazon.

Amazon affiliate Products Comission technoshamp
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According to the Above List, you will Get the Commission on Every Purchase. Don’t Forget to read It’s Guidelines.

So, now Let’s Move to Our Next way To make Money Online.

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Drop Shipping:

If you Didn’t Know anything About the Affiliate Marketing then Drop Shipping is not for you. This is You can Say advanced Version Of Affiliate Marketing. By the Way, This is totally different from Affiliate Marketing. But before knowing this You need to Learn Each And Everything about affiliate Marketing and Digital marketing is compulsory for all these Because You Can’t make a single Dollar Without Knowing about digital marketing.

So Digital Marketing is Very Compulsory to Learn For making Money Online in the Year 2020.

So, Lets Coverup that what we do in Drop Shipping.

Now, If you Go to the Website like Alibaba (china e-commerce website.) You will find the Rate of Products is Very Low if you will compare it with Amazon, Flipkart, and Other E-Commerce sites.

So, we need to create our own E-Commerce Website and Have to list the Direct Product From Alibaba Express and Have to sell the Products Via Facebook ads.

This Maybe quit very technically/Digital. But If you’re thinking That You can Make Money Online without any Work The this is Not Possible You Need to Be 100% consistent and Passionate and You have the Patience. Because In Business Patience is the Only king.

So, For Drop Shipping You Must-Knows all About Affiliate Marketing and Digital Marketing.

—> Our Next Way to Make Money Online.


If you things that the None of the Above was Related to Your Mindset But Still You have to make money online and still you’re Reading this Article. So, I think Freelancing is for you. If you have any Skill like Writing, Backlink Building, Copywriting, You Can Do Whatever You Know From Logo making to Graphic Designing. Anything in which you’re Perfect and Can Generate good money. Most Of the People are doing Freelancing. And they are Quit Earning a lot.

Even If you Have any Skill then you Can Start your Career in Freelancing Then You Can Start freelancing. No-Matters Your age Either you’re A kid under 18 a College going Student or of any Age.

Remember my Friend In the Year 2020 age Doesn’t matter Because You’re not in a Wrestling match Just you have to Use your Brain and Have to Be passionate and You must have Patience.

Because Without Patience you can’t Earn Even 1$ in the Digital Marketing Field.

So, I Hove you Gets Your’s answer that what are the 7 ways to make money online. These are not the only 7 ways from which you can generate money. There are tons of different ways to make money online.

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