7 best chrome extensions every blogger should must use
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7 Best Extensions Every Blogger Must Use

7 Best Extensions Every Blogger Must Use

7 best chrome extensions every blogger should must use
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Hey Hello..! Beautiful People.

If you’re searching for the Best Google Chrome Extensions that Every Blogger should Use. Then you have landed at theĀ  Best Page.

Don’t you Just have When you See your Competitors Blogs are Ranking Before you at top of the Google Search Result? Are you Searching For the Best Extensions that make your work easy? Every New Blogger has to face a lot of problems in the Starting Phase of his Blogging Journey. But don’t worry If you’re facing any Problem in Your Blogging Journey “Every Big Thing Have a Small Journey.”

No One Borns as a Pro Blogger. To Get more You Need to be hardworking, patience and passionate more.

So, Let me clear you, That I am Going to tell you about the 7 Best Extensions Every Blogger Must Use that will Definitely Help you to make your Blogging work easier. So, let’s Get Started.

1. AdBlocker:

This is a very big issue for all of the Bloggers is that we have to Surf a hell Lot of Websites Per Day. Most of the Websites use POP Ads, Google Ads, Especially on youtube. We have to Watch a Hell lot of Video Ads of 5-10 Seconds. And It’s Really Very annoying.

So, To remove the ads that Make our Work Little Difficult. There are a Lot of Extensions available in the market. But the best one that I will recommend to you is Fire AdBlocker (For Chrome Users). And (AdBlocker Ultimate) For Firefox Users.

These Are the Really best Extensions with Good Ratings you will Find in the Market.

Fair Adblocker (For Chrome)

AdBlocker Ultimate (For Firefox)

2. Grammarly:

According to Stats, More than 90% of the Bloggers are using this Extension that is Grammarly. But if you Haven’t Installed it Yet then Go today and Make it to Download.

This will Really Help you in correcting your Grammar as well as Spellings and Also tells you that. What type of your Article is: Like Friendly, Awesome, Decent, Etc.

This will really help you in Improving your English mistakes. Which is very Compulsory for the users. There are Both Versions Available Free and Paid. At starting you Should go with the Free Version. If you’re a Content Writer then Surely, Go with it’s [premium Version. I am not Promoting this. But because this is the Best Plugin in the Market That’s why I am recommending you.

Download Grammarly

3. Chrome Notes:

In the Field of Blogging, You Know we have use Notepad A lot for copy & Paste work of different Links and URLs. Nad changing the window takes little a Time and after that saving. + Finding the Folder. This also takes a lot of time.

So, there are a plugin chrome Notes to which you can Download for your Writing Purpose. It will really help you to Increase or work Efficiency.

Most of the Bloggers use this Extension.


Chrome Note

Download button pNG
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4. Page info:

This is the Best Plugin that will give you the Details of your Competitor website about:- Alexa Rank, Daily Traffic, Popularity, and a lot of things like IP address, Whois, All results of Alexa, also IP whois.

This is also one of the Best tools That I Use. Use this Tool I am 100% sure that after using this tool you gonna Love it.

Download More Info Extension

5. Google Analytics Blocker:

This case is very common with each one with you guys. If we go and open our website to check the updates we have made to our website. That google also counts in his real-time view and total views. That’s why a name Google Analytics Blocker that you can use. I am personally using this google analytics Blocker Because personally I Open My account for more than 40-50 times a day. That’s why I need it and I know you also need this.

Google Analytics Blocker

6. SEO Minion:

This is also a Best Plugin to which almost every Blogger uses. this Provides the data of the website. Brocken Links, Internal Links, and many more things like Traffic of the Website and Alexa Rank. I personally use this Plugin and you can also use this plugin. And Even every Blogger uses this. If you’re new in the Field of Blogging then click Below to Install this Extension.

SEO Minion Download

7. Bitly:

This is also one of the Most using Plugin by the Bloggers. Because we are the Bloggers and in the Obviously, and we have to copy and paste About More than 100’s to links to one Place to Another.

And you Know Sometimes..! how big the URLs are and to make them short I will recommend you to use it (Bitly). Because this is the Best URL Shortner tool in the market.

Click Below to download.


8. Last Pass:

This is also one of the good-rated Extension that will help you to manage your passwords. Because you know, we have to manage, ore than 100’s of accounts and we lost their pass because we can’t remember a lot. So, this Extension will help you to Manage your Different Websites Password.

So I will also recommend you to use this Extension.

Last Pass

9. Color Zila:

If you are a web designer or if you want to know about that which color is used by the Particular Person then you can Use this Extension Named Colour Zila.

Because I am Also a Web designer that’s why I need this Extension.

You can also Download this Extension.

Color Zila

Download button pNG
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10. MozBar:

This is also the most common extension in Blogging Fied. Because in the Search Bar this Extension will Show you all the information about, The website DA PA and the monthly Traffic of the website.

This is one of the Highly-rated and the highly used Plugin in the market.

You can also download this Extension through the Given Button.


Thank You :#)

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