5 books to read before you 20
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5 Best Books to Read before you 20

5 books to read before you 20
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Okay, So I Understand you’re under 20. And you’re Finding Amazing 5 Books to Read Before you 20. I know most of your College Friends just doing Party/Fun etc. But Remember My Friend,

If you see any most Successful Person in your Life. Okay, I am not Talking about your Relatives. I am Actually taking about the Millionaires, Billionaires, and the Upcoming Trillionaires. They are very Good Readers. If you see Richest Man of the word Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk. They all are Good Readers.

Warren Buffet reads more than 500 Pages a Day.

Bill Gates Read more than 50 Books in a Year.

Some Facts About Bill Gates and warren Buffet.

In a Interview, It was asked to Bill gates that which power in the form of gift will you like to take from God.

Bill Gates Replied:- 2X speed of Reading.

So, Now you Understand the Power of Reading. I know you can’t read 50 Books in a Year in Starting Phase. But Don’t worry Every Journey have a Small Beginning.

So, Let’s Get Started with our main Topic.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Either you go to the Internet or Offline in the Market and Ask anyone Which book Should Read First in my Life. More than 90% of them will recommend you to read Rich Dad and Poor Dad.

Because, This book can be your First Step towards Success.

This book was written by Robert T. Kiyosaki. This is one of the Highly Rated, Most Popular and One of the Best Seller award-winning Books.

In this book, the Author Explains his two Fathers (Rich and Poor)(One Friend Father). The Rich Dad was not Very Educated. But still, he was Richer. Why one of his Dad was Poor. And what were the Causes of Poor? In fact, he was a Government Employ, then also he was Poor.

This book will help you to learn the things which we never learn in school. This book will give Real knowledge about Money. If you’re a Poor then Why? Similarly, If you Belongs to Normal Family then Why? Why you’re not Very Rich. How you Become very Rich in your Life. How schools are destroying your life.

Best Buying Link of the Book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Rich dad poor dad book. 10 Best Books to Read before you 20
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Purchase it From Amazon: https://amzn.to/2GRhIBy

Hindi Audio Book(Rich Dad Poor Dad)

Rich Dad Poor Dad full Audio Book

2. The Richest Man in Babylon

This is the another Highest rated and Also one of the Best seller Award-winning Book written by George S. Clason. This book will give you the Basic Knowledge of Investment.

This book will tell you, What is the Blueprint to Become Richer in your Life? What is Investment and how you should do? What is Luck? How to Find the Opportunity? Is hard work Compulsory? Hard work vs Smart work? And Hundreds of things.

I will Highly Recommend you to Read this Book. You can Firstly read Either this Book or the Above. But at Starting you should must these two Books.

Must read these two Books at the Starting of your Career. No one is Going to tell you About these. If you’re Still Reading this Blog then, I know you have the Patience and Constituency. Common Just Purchase any book for these two Books and start your Reading Journey.

An average Person Reads 2-3 Books in a Year. But If you don’t want to Become an average Person. Start Reading From today.

Best Buying Link from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2GNZVvl

Hindi Audio Book (The Richest Man in Babylon)

The Richest Man in Babylon

3. Thinks and Grow Rich

This book is Written by (Napolean Hill). This Book is not Easy. Means this it is Very Easy to read and Understand. But Printing of this Book was not Easy for the Author of this Book. Because this Book takes more than 20 years of Research and This Book will Give you the Actual Ways to Success in your Life.

How the Millionaires are Millionaire and How the Billionaires are Billionaire. In this book, There is a Compressed Information and Life Journey of all that 200 Millionaires and 20 Years of Big Research.

This Book Explains What is the Common In the Richest people of That Time and how you can Apply all these and Get Richer in your Life. That’s Why This Book named “Think and Grow Rich”.

This Book will Explain to to you the Reality of Life? How you can Rich even in the Age of 40-50. Actually, This Book Explains the Fundamentals of Life that how our Brain Work. The Power of Subconscious Mind. What are the ways to think to Grow Rich.

How to Plan your Life? How to Start working for Tomorrow? This Book is also one of the Best Example for ” Never Give UP! “ What is the real meaning of Success? How you can Achieve the Success.

I will Highly Recommend you to Read this one also but Read First the Above one’s and After that come to this Book.

I am Explaining the Books In step By step manner that which to Read first. and which one to Last.

Best Buying link of this Book From Amazon: https://amzn.to/2RSH3S9

Hindi Audio Book of (Think and Grow Rich)

Think and Grow Rich

4. The Power of Subconscious Mind

I didn’t think that after Reading this Book you need to Listen/watch Motivational Video.

This Book is written by Joseph Murphy. This Book tells us about the Power of our Subconscious Mind, Power of our Imagination, Power of our Thoughts, Power of Visualization. This book will also Tells you About the Power of Attraction.

How to overcome your Fear, Your Fear of Failure, Fear to lose, Fear to Execute, Fear to Old, Fear to Die. How to shift from Negativity to Positivity, Really you’re going to Learn a lot from this Book.

You’re going to learn from this Book is that you are having the Most unique and the Most Precious thing. That is your Subconscious Mind and Ability to think and Control your Sub Conscious Mind.

This will tells you the real Power of Attraction and Imagination. Definitely, if you read this Book this book is going to help you a Lot in your Career. How Can you Visualise and Complete your Goals? Everything is there in this Book.

And Trust me If you read this book you will be able to see the Actual world. You understand the 100% Real Meaning of Spirituality. Your way to see this will be Fully Changed. This book will give you the J-Curve in your Growth. This Book will Help you to Understand whose actually you are.

If you’re an Indian Guy and then You must Know About the book Bhagwat Geeta Written by lord Krishna. Instead of the book Power of Subconscious Mind, you can Read Bhagwat Geeta. A highly recommended Book from almost every Indian Entrepreneur.

Trust me, man, If you are Really Going to read this Book this Really gonna completely change your life.

Best Buying Link of this Book: https://amzn.to/39aKoBX

Hindi Audi Book (The Power of Sub Councious Mind).


The Intelligent Investor

Every successful People Readed this Book.

The Intelligent Investor (Book) is the Success Of my Life.

Warren Buffet

This book is written by Benjamin Graham. You will not be able to Understand this Book in one Time.

If you’re really in the Field of Investment then maybe It can be very Difficult for you to Learn. Although it depends on person to Person.

After Reading this Book you will Learn a lot about the Investment. The Main aim of this Book is to give you the Clear cut Knowledge of Investment.

Common, Hey Everybody Right now you’re in 2020 right now and nowadays and in the upcoming years your Salary From the Job can’t handle your Expences. That’s why you need to read this book. Because right now your age is just 20. and I think this is the best time to take the Full Knowledge about the Investment.

Best Buying Link of the book(The Intelligent Investor) from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2UrjnG3

Hindi audio Book (The Intelligent Investor)

The Intelligent Investor (Hindi audio Book)

Read Bill Gates Quotes.

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