10 best wordpress plugins for bloggers
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10 Best WordPress Plugin For Bloggers [Free]

10 Best WordPress Plugin For Bloggers [Free]

10 best wordpress plugin for bloggers must use.
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Hey Hello, You have just started a new website in WordPress and Searching For the Best Plugins That you Should install & Activate today to make Your Work more Efficient and Easy.

If yes, Then Awesome..! You’re landed on the Correct page. Today your problem will be Solved about finding the Top, Best and the Essential WordPress Plugin for Blog.

Because of the Plugins only, The WordPress Become Famous in the market as a Best CMS(Content Management System).

But you know there are tons of Plugins Available on WordPress (Because anyone Can Make his own Plugin and can Upload it for Free on WordPress) So this Become Difficult to Find out the Best One.

So, These are the Essential Plugins that Your Website Should must-have.

Here is the list of top 10 Plugins That you Should Install & Activate today.

Yoast SEO Plugin

SEO Plugin is the Most compulsory Plugin that is very Compulsory and Mandatory. And the Yoast SEO Plugin is one of the Highest use Plugin. More than 70% of the WordPress users are using this Plugin.

SEO plugin to the website is compulsory to rank Your website and the Yoast SEO Plugin will also helps you i creating the website Sitemap. And helps your website to ranks fast.

The Ratings and users of the yoast SEO Plugin are also very much High.

This the Best Rated and highest no. of Active Installs.

I think you should Definetly Install this Plugin and use it.

Complete Yoast SEO Tutorials (Video)

There are the Yoast SEO Free and the Premium Version Both. But because you’re a Beginner that’s why I will Recommend you to go with it’s Free Version. It’s Free Version is also very effective.

W3-Total Cache

You must-knows about the Cache of your Phone maybe you Clean once a Day, Once a week or once in a Month. Increase in Cache in your Smartphone result your phone to get Slow. Similarly, There’s the same case on the website. If you haven’t clear the Cache of your website the Loading Time of your website will Increase and the user Engagement to your website will be Decreased.

Also if the Speed of your website will not be good then the Bounce rate of your website will be Higher.

You will find a lot of options that will help you to Increase the Speed of your website and webpages.

Not Even me Every Blogger will Recommend you to Download this Plugin. {Hey, Remember don’t download more and more Plugins, Not more than 15 this will decrease your website speed.}

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page)

You all Guys knows that most of the people search on Google using their Smartphones. So, this is much compulsory that your website should Fast opens in Smartphones. Therefore, AMP is a Plugin that will help you to Increase your user Engagement. This will also help you in Increasing the UI & UX (User Interface and User Experience.)

So you should watch the Video given Below and Install the Given Plugin.

AMP (Full setup)[Video]

JetPack by WordPress

You know such as Blogspot/Blogger CSM WordPress not show the Stats of your website. So for this, you need to Install a Plugin named Jetpack.

If you’re not using Google Analytics means right now you are a New Blogger then don’t focus on the things which you’re not able to understand. Just do whatever I am saying. I am not giving you the very Correct Information. Because if you start using your mind on the different things then this will confuse you a Lot.

Jetpack is also one of the most Installed plugins. This will show you the Correct stats that what the Traffic is coming to your website.


If you haven’t activated the SSL certificate to your website then you can use this plugin to activate cloudflare SSL certificate.

The only thing you need to do is Just to make a free account to Cloudflare and after watching this Video you can Activate the cloudflare CDN (Which will also helps you to increase your website speed.)

Watch this Video to Activate the SSL

Smush – Compress, Optimize and Lazy Load Images

Website Speed is the Most Important Thing you should understand. Lets assume a case with you If you goes to google and search for the Some thing and found a website which will take a lot of time to open then you will definetly leave that website.

So the speed matters a lot. So download this Plugin also. There are it’s free version as well as paid. But again I will Recommend you to go with It’s Free Version.

Site Kit

This is a Plugin that will help you a lot, again and again, you didn’t need to open google websites like Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Adsense. And this will show you all the overviews you need to manage your accounts.

I will must recommend you to download this Plugin.

Contact Form 7

This is also a one of the Most Active Installed Plugin that helps People a Lot.

You all know that How to contact form is Important in your Website. Without a contact form, Google will also not gives you Adsense Approval. And if anyone fills the Form you will receive the E-mail to your Gmail Adress.

Elementor Page Builder

If you wants to Develop a webpage by your own then this is the Best Plugin for you. Because this is Most better Plugin then the Other Plugins like Divi Builder & More… (these are almost paid). But the Free Elememtor is also very effective.

You should also Must Download this Plugin.

Woo- Commerce

If your website is Blog is Related to any Product base or technology, Affiliate and you Lists the different Products to the Website then you can Install this plugin.

Akismet Anti-Spam

This plugin will help you from Different Scams or Invalid Clicks to your Website or the Bots Attack to your website.

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